Even or odd – Role-playing Game at English Class (B1 High)

Today we are having a no master role-playing game class.

Do you know what a role-playing game is?

Are we playing today??

Yeeesss, a role-playing game is like a piece of theater. There will be a made-up story and I’ll be the storyteller, the master. You will play your characters. And we are going to build the story all together, not only me. You’ll see… By the way I’m not a teacher, I’m only here to play this game with you. I made up the system of this role-playing game. I’ve called it “even or odd”. I’ll explain: before you roll the die (just one die) you say out loud if you think the number is going to be even (2, 4, 6…) or odd (1, 3 , 5…). If you pick even, the master picks odd and vice versa. I hope you’ll like it.

That’s very easy !!!

Yes, it is. We don’t need a difficult system, we are going to work hard and you are going to speak a lot in English.


There are 5 characters and I gave one to each player:

  1. Patty SmithActress – Clever
  2. Abbie JonesWriter and novelist – Creative
  3. Lena Brown – Piano player – Very good at Maths
  4. Olivia TaylorBlogger – Very shy and high IQ qualities
  5. Tessa AndersonEditor and book publisher – Knows many people

So easy character sheets !!!

You’re all quite peaceful and you don’t carry any weapon.  We are in the real world. But you are like X-Men  (X-Women actually) and each of you have one superpower. You can choose one. If nothing comes to your head, I have some cards here you can take.


I told every player to pick one card between the six superpower cards I had in my hand. The superpower was going to be a surprise even for me as a storyteller. I like surprises !!!

In which country would you like the story to take place? Please say English-speaking countries you know. Here we have a map. Point to any country.

Ok, we are in Canada.


Ok, even or odd?


Ok. Roll the die and we’ll see if we’re in Canada or not.


Eveeeen!!! Yes, we’re in Canada.

So, we’re in Canada. Do you know any city in that country?

Toronto !!!

Patty, you are walking in a street of Toronto looking to the ground. You see a lot of papers in a transparent folder. It seems to be like a very old book, around one hundred years old. The tittle says “How to write a bestseller by Olivia Taylor”.

What do you want ot do? Are you taking the book, Patty?

Yes, of course!

Even or odd?



Ok, you take the book!!

Tessa you are running and you hit Patty accidentally. A piece of paper from the folder falls down.

Patty, do you see the piece of paper ??

Yeees !!!

Even or odd?

Now odd!!


Ohhhhh, so sorry, you are soooo looking at your new book that you only want to go to read it. You don’t see any piece of paper falling down. But, Tessa does.

Tessa, are you taking the piece of paper?

Yeeees, I would like to !!

Even or odd?



Perfect!! You pick the piece of paper. Do you look what is written on it??

Yeees !!!

(As a master, you can use the system even or odd as much as you want)

Ok, you open it and see that:


Now, we change the scence.

Abbie, you have an appointment with Tessa. You are waiting for her at a bar and someone is playing the piano.

The one who plays the carachter of Abbie receives a paper from the master. It sais: “You remember Lena Brown (the piano player). But you don’t remember from where. You are staring at her back all the time”.

The girl who plays the carachter of Lena (the piano player) was smiling like “eyyyy, a piano?? It’s my turn !!“.

Tessa, you are going to the bar when your phone rings.

Olivia, you are calling Tessa.

Tessa, remember you saw an old book where says “How to write a best-seller by Olivia Taylor” and Olivia is your friend. She is young and it’s impossible that she wrote that book. Are you telling anything to her about it??

Yessss, I want to tell her everything.

Ok, role your character, please. Talk to her, don’t talk to me, ok?

Olivia, you have no idea what happened a few minutes ago…

She kept talking during a while about what happened. Teachers that read this post, do you see all the benefits of the role-playing game? Speaking, use of the vocabulary and  the real need to think in English aaaaand we have fun !!!!

Tessa, it doesn’t matter. There must be a lot of people called like me. I don’t think it is so important !!

Do you want to tell her about the strange piece of paper?

No, I keep it.

So, Tessa, you open the door of the bar and go into it.

Abbie, you see Tessa coming to you. She seems to be scared and her face is so white as if she had seen a ghost.

What do you say to her?

Hello, Tessa !!! Are you ok ??

Hello Abbie !! Yes, how are you?

I’m ok but you look like… mmm I don’t know… scared??

No, no problem. It’s some family stuff.

Oh!! I hope everything is ok !! I really would like to show you my new book. I finished it yesterday.

So, I took the book and show Patty. It has the same symbols that Abbie had at the book she wrote.

The book is all the game Rox of Haba. It’s like hieroglyphics.


Whaaaat??? Where are these symbols from ????

Abbie, are you telling her where did you get your inspiration from??

Yes, I would like to.

Even or odd?



You tell her that…

I went to Paris and I saw it in the museum Louvre. And I liked them and here they are. Why are you asking ?

Oh! Nothing, I was curious.

Lena, you are playing the piano at the same bar than Abbie and Tessa.

The one who plays Lena receives a paper from the master. It sais: “You wanted to make a review of the last film you saw of the actress Patty Smith. You called the Magazine Films and Famous because the music was not good. You finally got to talk with Tessa Anderson, the editor. You remember perfectly her voice. That woman you are looking at must be Tessa Anderson.

Are you listening the conversation, Lena? 

No, I’m so concentrated playing the piano that I don’t hear anyting.

Suddenly, you three (Tessa, Lena and Abbie) feel a strange conection between you.

The scene is frozen. We go with Patty.

Patty, what do you want to do?

I go home to read the book.

Even or odd?



Oh, so sorry! Your house is too far and you are at the street, what do you want to do?

I go to a McDonald’s and go into the toillet to read the book.

Hahahahah, ok!!

Olivia, you are at home. Are you searching how many Olivias Taylor have been in the world?


Even or odd??



You find that there was another Olivia Taylor. She was a writer in 1917. You are looking at your computer and eating popcorn as if you were watching a film.

The scene is frozen and we move to the bar scene.

Abbie and Tessa keep talking while Lena Brown is playing the piano. The compose is not hers, it’s a new version of the classic masterpiece Swan Lake of Tchaikovsky. Critics has been quite hard to you, Lena. You are quite nervous because of that.

Then, the presenter says: Ladies and Gentleman, we have the great and marvelous Lena Brown, who would like to sing a song which lyrics you may remember… It has been the number one during several weeks in the charts. It’ll be the last song she is going to play tonight.

Wait, master! I would like that the book that Tessa Anderson has in her hands is the same book that Patty is reading at the toillet. I know I’m not the master but that’ll be cool.

Ohhh!! Nice !! You don’t even need to throw the dice. I love the idea !!!!

Well, well, well. Class is finished. We leave the setting of our story like that. Remember next day to use your super-powers and tell me if you want to change anything of your characters.



But, we have to finish the story!!! It can’t be the end.

Are you coming back?

Yes, of course, I’ll come back and we will finish the story. All of us, ok? Meanwhile I’m going to write a post about the game of today wich you should read.


It is only a summary of the real game we had at class in English Everywhere School. And that was fun!!! 100% of participation. Do you want to play role game with us as well ???

Red words were the vocabulary we wanted to review.

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